Recommended clippers for a dog with a thick coat

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Dog grooming clippers are an essential part of caring for your dog. Several types of clippers are available and the ones that you choose should work for your dog's particular needs. Many dogs have matted and thick coats. Clippers that are not powerful enough can be frustrating for you and stressful for your dog because it cannot handle such conditions.

Variable Speed Clippers

Various clippers are available with dual speed options. Clippers with a single speed are cheaper but are not as powerful and can heat up quickly, subjecting your dog to more stress and clipper burns.

Choice of Clippers

An Oster 2-speed or Andis 2-speed dog clipper are good choices. A single speed clipper runs at 3,000 strokes per minute while a 2-speed can clip up to 4,000 strokes per minute, making it much easier to get through the thickest of coats and mats.

Oster Brand Clippers

Oster 2-speed options include the Oster A-5 Turbo 2-speed professional animal clipper, the Oster Golden A-5 2-speed clipper and the Oster Powermax 2-speed clipper. Oster brand clippers are the most popular brand used by most professional dog groomers as they are the most efficient.

Andis Clippers

Andis brand 2-speed clippers are less costly yet efficient. Andis carries several 2-speed clippers that run up to 3,400 strokes per minute. Some Andis choices are the Andis 2-speed, Andis Super 2-speed and the Andis Ultra 2-speed.

Con Air Clippers

A more economical clipper is the Conair Dyna-Groom 2-speed or the Conair Turbo Groom 2-speed clipper. These clippers are not as efficient as the Oster and Andis clippers but can work on maintaining your dog's thick coat in between regular professional grooming.

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