The average salary of an osteopathic physician

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An osteopathic physician is certified as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. An osteopathic physician uses all accepted methods of treatment, including drugs and surgery, like any other medical doctor. However, osteopathic physicians place greater emphasis on the body's musculoskeletal system and holistic patient care.

Approximately 60 per cent of all osteopathic physicians practice general or family medicine, general paediatrics or general internal medicine, according to the American Osteopathic Association.

Analysing the Data

Specific data on osteopathic physicians is minimal. A comprehensive salary analysis requires additional examination of physician salaries in the following categories: general and family medicine; general paediatrics; and physicians in internal medicine.

Osteopathic Physician Salary

Osteopathic physicians earn from £65,435 to £125,789, according to Payscale's November 2010 data. It's important to note that these data are obtained from a very small sample of only 52 individuals reporting. However, the salary is very illustrative of this group.

Related Physician Salaries

There is a close similarity between doctors practicing in family medicine, paediatrics and internal medicine, according to Payscale's November 2010 data. Family physicians earn from £78,362 to £110,228. These figures are based on 1,849 individuals reporting. Paediatric physicians earn from £60,757 to £101,072, based on 272 individuals reporting. Physicians practicing internal medicine earn from £76,311 to £119,319, with 1,406 individuals reporting.

Osteopathic Salaries vs. Related Physician Salaries

The close correlation of data among all four categories indicates that the salary data for osteopathic physicians are quite representative, despite the small sample rate. Therefore, these data can be used in examining other factors that influence an osteopathic physician’s income.


Experience is a primary factor that affects the income potential of an osteopathic physician. Entry-level osteopathic physicians, with one to four years’ experience, earn from £64,425 to £83,207, according to Payscale's November 2010 data. With five to nine years’ experience, the income range expands on both ends. At this point in their careers, osteopathic physicians earn from £44,709 to £128,906. Osteopathic physicians with 10 to 19 years’ experience will most likely see their income increase, anywhere from £66,128 to £128,611. At the peak of their careers, osteopathic physicians with 20 years or more of experience earn from £90,675 to £177,992.

Employer Type

Presumably, physicians with many years’ experience earn greater income partly because they have their own private practices. November 2010 PayScale data show that osteopathic physicians in private practice earn the most, from £75,484 to £134,192. Those individuals working for a company earn from £63,871 to £107,636. Osteopathic physicians working in hospitals earn the least, ranging from £63,100 to £97,286.