Cheapest ways to travel to Spain

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The cheapest way to travel to Spain from the UK depends on what part of Spain you are destined for, what time of year your journey is taking place, and how many people are travelling with you. The most expensive time to travel is during school holidays, and Christmas time.

The cheapest fare to Spain would be for an adult who is very flexible about travel times travelling with a budget airline or travelling by train.


Ryanair fly to 23 airports in Spain so the cost will depend on your point of departure, destination and time of travel. The price of a flight from London (Luton) to Barcelona could start from about £30. During the summer, the cheapest option is probably to fly to Barcelona: Ryan air offers an outgoing flight from London (Luton) to Barcelona from about £58 per person, and Monarch offers a flight from Birmingham from about £59. Prices of flights fluctuate and there may be additional charges when you make the booking online, so this is a guide only.

The Eurotunnel

If there are five or more of you travelling during a peak time such as July or August, it could work out cheaper to drive to Spain. The Eurotunnel takes 35 minutes to travel from Folkestone to Calais in France. One ticket covers one car and up to nine passengers, and at the time of publication, fares start at £53 per car each way for a five day return during certain days this summer (subject to terms and conditions), or £64 per car each way if your stay is longer than five days. Frequent travellers pay less.

Driving to Spain

Whether this option is feasible depends how far into Spain you intend to go, and therefore how willing you are to take on a long drive. In addition to the price of the Eurotunnel, Calais to Alicante on the Costa Blanca would cost you about another £105 for road tolls, and £200 for petrol. You might also need an overnight stay to break up the journey (over 1100 miles). Calais to Bilbao in the north of Spain would cost about £100 less than this. Have a look at the website Via Michelin Maps and Routes for more details on the cost of driving to Spain.


The Eurostar travels from London St Pancras to Paris. Special offers are available with prices starting from about £34.50 at certain times, so if you are willing to search the website, and are very flexible about your travel times, you could find a good deal. This is unlikely to be your cheapest option if you are a family travelling at peak times. As you are a foot passenger, as well as the price of the Eurostar, you will incur extra cost to get from Paris to Spain.

Trains from France to Spain

Have a look at the Rail Europe and Euro Railways websites. At the time of publication, the Euro railways website says that a Eurail France Spain pass can be purchased for just under £200 (to use over four days) subject to terms and conditions. The Rail Europe website offers information on Elipsos trains: destinations include Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. The price of a ticket to Figueres (near Andorra) can be less than £100.

Coach travel to Spain

Euroline are part of National Express and they travel to Spain from London Victoria. Destinations include La Coruna, Oviedo, Algeciras (south of Malaga), Salamanca, Benidorm and Alicante. Prices start from about £85 per adult.

Coach and package holidays

Websites to check include Shearings, Leger holidays and Harry Shaw. If you are a family travelling to Spain during peak times, this is unlikely to be your cheapest option. Package holidays can be picked up from websites such as last minute .com for around £500 to £600 for two adults.