Back to the Future party ideas

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Looking to throw a versatile party involving one of the most famous themes of the 20th century? The Back To The Future trilogy is considered a highly sentimental and well loved movie collection of the last century, featuring four different periods in time and could be a great idea for a party all the guests would recognise. Why not create the illusion of time travel by decorating different periods, dressing like the stars, dancing to some old 50's style rock n roll or 80's power pop or even putting a themed twist on some party games?

Encourage guests to wear period clothing

Ask guests to dress according to any suitable time. There are four to choose from, and many whacky looks to impersonate. Consider quick and easy options such as wearing a white lab coat and fashioning a big white hair wig like quirky scientist Doc Brown, and all that's needed to recreate Marty's look is a red bodywarmer and lumberjack shirt. For those with more to spend why not hire a wild west outfit to match the third film, or tuxedo/fancy dress as if attending the enchantment under the sea ball in the first movie.

Decorate the different timezones

Create a journey through time, if time and budget allow to decorate rooms with the different timezones to impress the guests. Place clocks around each room, try the enchantment under the sea theme by choosing an aqua coloured room theme with balloons and white and blue cloths. Set the western saloon feel by putting up vintage style wanted posters around the room and if available some hay like material to set the scene. There are many scenes to choose from, like Doc Emmett Brown's house or even Biff Tannen's casino in Back To The Future 2.

Stand out by hiring the ultimate automobile

Establish the instantly recognisable and hire an authentically themed Delorean to be parked outside. Although this is an expensive option, this would no doubt be a talking point of any party and guests could capture the memorable occasion with a photo next to the rare automobile.

Play themed party games

Involve the younger guests with some movie themed party games. Try finding some cardboard inner tubes and painting them green to look like fake plutonium as needed to fuel the time machine. Place treats inside them and hide them around the party for a themed treasure hunt game. Why not refresh the traditional game of musical chairs using the soundtrack to the movies? This could be light-hearted fun for the younger crowd even for those who haven't seen the movies yet.

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