What is the gift for the 17th wedding anniversary?

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Every wedding anniversary is a reason to celebrate. The 17th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone and, although it is not celebrated as widely as a 20th wedding anniversary, a gift would be well-received by the couple.

There is no traditional wedding symbol associated with the 17th anniversary, but there is an entry in the modern symbol list.


The modern symbol for the 17th wedding anniversary is furniture. Of course, by the time a couple has been married 17 years, they have normally collected a house full of furniture. A special piece might be a good gift idea. Check the couple's home to see what style they like best; they might prefer modern to traditional, antique or even garden furniture. It may be wise to include them in the discussions before buying a piece of furniture, rather than it being a surprise.

A break

Many couples who have been married 17 years have children and other responsibilities at home and would most like a bit of quality time with each other. Dependant upon the age of the children, you could organise childcare for a night or even a weekend, to allow the couple to get away on their own for a break. If you are unable to undertake the childcare yourself, there are companies who offer gift certificates for trained childcare experts.

An experience

Buying your favourite couple an experience they won't forget has to be near the top of the list, budget permitting. A dinner and theatre package, with a night in a boutique hotel would be a treat to enjoy. For the more adventurous couples, maybe a hot-air balloon ride, or a race day if they enjoy competition.

The magic number

If the couple are interested in wine, you could buy 17 bottles, one for each year of their married life. If they love gardening, 17 packets of seeds to grow into beautiful plants, or saplings and bedding plants. If they love travel, buy guide books for 17 places they have not yet visited. The numbers method can be expensive, so perhaps a group gift might be advisable.