Easter primary school activity ideas

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There are so many Easter primary school activities to choose from that you may find you are unable to do all of them. Select the ones that are likely to yield the greatest educational benefits for your class.

This way, the Easter activities will not simply be an add-on, but will constitute a valuable seasonal scheme of work.


Many primary schools make cards at Easter. There are plenty of ideas available. Guiding UK suggest a pop-up card using paper flowers. However, you could use other Easter symbols too, like bunnies, eggs and chicks. Scholastic offers a fun card with an Easter egg that wobbles in response to vibrations. Sparkle Box has a selection of card templates for children to colour and personalise. They feature baskets of eggs and flowers, the cross, a rabbit, eggs and a chick. You can find links to these cards below.


Making bonnets is a traditional Easter activity. BBC Schools has a worksheet to help simplify the process. Their project uses paper plates. You can also use doilies, which are circles of ornamental paper featuring cut-out patterns. Netmums has many ideas for Easter bonnets, using a wide variety of materials. With more able pupils, you might want to try sewing bonnets, using fabric. This is best done as a small group activity.


Painting eggs is an Easter activity primary children enjoy and often excel at. Boil the eggs first to make them less fragile in small hands. Get the children to apply a base colour first. Pastel colours work well. Then have the children use other colours to add motifs like flowers, stars and hearts. They can also add patterns with stripes, zig-zags and spots. Display the eggs in egg cups and invite parents and carers to come and see them.


Reading the Easter story to children so they can retell parts of it in written work is a common Easter activity. Singing Easter songs -- both religious and otherwise -- is popular in many primary schools. You could even put on an Easter talent show. Making Easter themed bookmarks is an enjoyable and functional activity. However, the activity many children enjoy most is a visit from the Easter bunny. Have a colleague hire a bunny suit and spring a surprise on the class, bringing chocolate eggs for everyone.