Romantic ideas for New Year's Eve at home

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The British weather can sometimes put a dampener on New Year’s Eve. In 2012, a survey found that 81 percent of Britons planned to see in the New Year at home.

For some, this can mean arranging a party for family and friends, but for romantic types, New Year’s Eve is a night to stay indoors, wrap up warm and enjoy a quiet celebration with a partner.


Food is key to a romantic New Year’s Eve. Find a recipe you don’t usually cook and rustle up a special meal for your partner. Steak and beef recipes are always impressive on a special occasions, or if you like seafood, oysters or mussels can be a romantic choice. For dessert, strawberries with chocolate are a good choice. Make sure that the table is set out smartly and light a few candles.


New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be the same without a few drinks, but try and make the night special with a few tipples that are out of the ordinary. Find a few cocktails that you haven’t tried before and have fun mixing them together. Have some champagne on ice for midnight. Treat yourselves to an expensive bottle of red to go with your meal.

Dress up

Don’t sit around in your house clothes if you're planning a romantic night. Dress up as if you were going somewhere special, or even go as far as wearing a dinner suit or a smart black dress. Have some fresh flowers delivered during the day and select some music that you both enjoy for the evening.

Turn the TV off

Turn the television off for the night. You can switch on briefly to catch the countdown to midnight, but make the night one where you can concentrate on each other. You might want to consider buying a few fireworks and having your own private display in your garden after midnight.


Make your New Year resolutions. Talk about the future with your partner and how you're looking forward to spending the coming year together. And if you’re not yet engaged or married, New Year’s Eve is as good a time as any to pop the question.