Crafts using ceramic powder

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Ceramic powder is relatively easy use. When you mix the powder with water and a binding element, such as clay, you are left with a highly malleable clay-type material which is perfect for creating pottery and other kinds of homemade gifts.

Children can enjoy using the material just as much as adults, which makes it the perfect answer to a rainy day. With a few basic tips and simple ideas to get started, craft-making activities using ceramic powder can be a lot of fun.

Start with the basics: A fruit basket

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One of the easiest things to make using ceramic powder is a fruit basket. It’s important to create a mixture which has the right kind of consistency so that the fruit basket lasts a long time. Equal amounts of ceramic powder mixed with china clay and glue is the best combination for a ceramic craft of this nature. Mold the dough into the shape you want your fruit basket to take. This could be a circle, an oval, a trapezoid or even a triangle if you are looking to create a really modern-looking fruit basket. Decorate the edges of the fruit basket with different fruit shapes or leaves. You can buy moulds to help you create these decorations or create them from scratch. Once all the decorations have been placed on the fruit basket, consider taking your design skills to a higher level by using different kinds of sharp instruments to draw designs and patterns onto your fruit basket too.

Cool ideas for ceramic craft gifts

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There’s a huge range of gifts which can be made from ceramic powder. For birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, put your creative talents to work. Friends and loved ones will appreciate the special thought. Fridge magnets are easy to make and they don’t take up any room. Pen stands and other forms of stationary-organising items are great for friends and family with office positions at work. If your loved one is a dab-hand in the garden, consider creating a plant pot from ceramic powder and painting it with a design that you know will appeal to his or her nature.

Tips for painting ceramic crafts

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It’s a lot of fun to paint the ceramic crafts you create, but it’s important to follow some basic tips about how to paint on top of this material in order to achieve the most desirable results. Wash your ceramic craft using soapy water before painting. This will remove greasy finger marks. Make sure that you dry the surface thoroughly and that you only use water-based paints, like acrylics. Remember however, that the more water you apply to the paint, the weaker and more transparent it will be. A great way of creating pastel colours is to apply a layer of white paint first and then a second layer of your chosen colour on top. Paint brushes are perfect tools for painting on ceramic crafts, but there’s no limit to how creative you can be. Try painting with sponges, cotton buds and scrunched-up fabric to see what special effects can be achieved. If you are a little nervous about your designs, practice first on a scrap piece of ceramic.

Things to be aware of

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The most important things to be aware of when working with ceramic powder is that you have to work fairly steadily because the material will be gradually drying out as time goes on. The drying process is not instantaneous. You’ll have a good number of hours before the material sets completely and therefore, during this time you can add all the decorations to your creation that you choose. You will also have plenty of time to draw patterns and designs onto the actual surface of the craft itself. That said, it’s still best to have everything prepared beforehand, including all designs you intend to use, so that you don’t end up with a dried ceramic craft with half-finished designs because you weren’t quick enough during the creating process.