The steps to burn a CD-R in Nero

Courtesy of Nero

The standard Nero CD creation utility from Ahead Software supports a broad range of disc formats and types of content. In addition, the Nero 6 Ultra Edition allows you to burn any type of CD or DVD you desire, from creating a bootable disc to preserving your favorite games and movies with a backup copy. Nero simplifies disc burning with an intuitive series of windows, together with a drag-and-drop procedure similar the Windows Explorer application.


Double click the “Nero StartSmart” icon on your desktop to launch the application. Select the “Make Data Disc,” icon. Click the “Add” button. This allows you to browse files or folders on your computer and add them to your burn list. When you’re satisfied, click the “Finished” button on the lower right hand corner to go to the next screen. Insert a blank formatted CD-R disc into the CD Writer and close the drive. Type the CD title into the “Disc Name” field, and then click the “Burn” button. A new screen appears and monitors the burning process with a moving status bar. A separate message box appears and tells you when the process is complete.


Select the “Make Audio and Data CD” option on the “Nero StartSmart” screen. Follow the steps outlined above to burn audio files to a dedicated CD-R. However, stick to audio files listed in the public domain which includes YouTube music videos, or material that you’ve bought and paid for. To be on the safe side, keep all transaction detail and receipts related to audio downloads in a dedicated folder as proof of ownership. Only use the disk for your own personal use. Do not lend it out or distribute copies to friends or other users.


Backup your data to a series of discs. Mark them clearly with the backup dates and keep them in a safe place away from your work station. Select the “Copy and Backup” option on the Nero StartSmart screen and click on the “Backup” icon. Click the “Add” button and drag and drop the desired files into the backup screen. When you’ve selected all the files you wish to save, click on the “Finished” button and repeat the procedure outlined under the Data heading above.


Select the “Copy and Backup” icon on top of the Nero StartSmart screen if you wish to copy an existing CD. Insert the CD or DVD you wish to copy in the CD-ROM drive. Nero automatically detects the disc and registers it in the “Source Drive” field. If you have a separate CD-R burner drive, insert a blank disk into that drive. Click “Burn” and follow the directions. If you are using a single drive for both reading and writing CD’s, Nero will copy the source disc and then prompt you to insert a blank formatted CD-R Read/Write disc. Insert the disc, type the title into the designated field, and follow the burn procedures described under the Data heading.


Think twice if you’re tempted to download copyrighted material such as music files, video clips and movies. In addition, burning your own copy of a protected CD or DVD could result in harsh penalties. For example, a Minnesota woman was successfully prosecuted and fined £5,908 ($9,250) for each work she downloaded. This amounted to a total of £140,467 ($220,000) after a recent federal court judgment was handed down.

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