iPhone 5: 5 reasons to love it, 5 reasons to hate it

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Apple's latest iPhone model, the iPhone 5, was introduced to the world in September 2012. Apple senior vice president Philip Schiller described it as "the most beautiful consumer device that we've ever created," but you might find just as many reasons to hate the new iPhone as there are to love it.

Love it: Bigger screen

The extra screen space offered by the iPhone 5 (10cm/4 inches diagonally rather than 9cm/3.5 inches) allows for another row of app icons on the home screen as well as more room for running programs. This means more of your apps are only a tap away without the need to swipe between screens.

Love it: Thinner and lighter

Improvements in Apple's manufacturering process mean that the new iPhone is thinner and lighter than previous models. It has a depth of just 0.8cm/0.3 inches (an 18% improvement over the iPhone 4S) and weighs 3.9 ounces (a 20% improvement).

Love it: Improved battery life

Thanks to further refinements to the iPhone's inner architecture and power efficiency, the new model has a longer lasting battery. The device can last up to 225 hours in standby on a single charge, compared with 200 hours for the iPhone 4S.

Love it: Fast performance

The latest iPhone comes with Apple's own A6 processor chip installed, giving up to twice the CPU and graphics performance of the previous model. Despite these speed increases, power efficiency and battery life have been improved too.

Love it: Better quality FaceTime HD

Apple computers and devices can utilise the FaceTime service, which makes video calls over the Web for free. The iPhone 5 is equipped with a front-facing 720p HD camera, which means you can enjoy FaceTime conversations in even better quality.

Hate it: Bigger screen

While the extra screen space makes room for more pixels and an extra row of apps, it makes the device taller so it won't fit your existing iPhone cases, and may be more difficult to operate using one hand depending on how far your fingers can stretch.

Hate it: Facebook/Twitter integration

The iOS 6 software shipped with the iPhone 5 enables Facebook and Twitter to be deeply integrated within the operating system. If you have no need for this social network functionality then it's an unwelcome distraction and a superfluous option on several menus.

Hate it: Lightning connector

The new Lightning connector introduced with the iPhone 5 is smaller and easier to use, but the biggest problem is that it makes your old docks and cables redundant. You'll need to invest in new devices or a cable adapter or two to be able to use your iPhone with anything else.

Hate it: Apple Maps

Apple introduced its own mapping software with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, ditching the previous incumbent Google Maps (Google has since released a standalone version of Maps). With fewer features, no support for Street View or public transport timetables, Apple Maps has some way to go to catch up with the competition.

Hate it: Price

The iPhone 5 is the most expensive model in Apple's iPhone line up. As of January 2013 the phone was on sale from Apple's Store at a starting price of £529, while earlier versions are available for significantly less -- the iPhone 4 pricing starts at £319 with the iPhone 4S costing £449 and above.

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