Is there only one fuse box in a Fiat Punto?

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The Fiat Punto is a small car released in 1993. A second generation was released in 1999 and a third generation in 2005, all with several different models. Fiat forums are full of people asking where the fuse box on their Punto is located, and the answer is “it depends.” Different models can have one, two or three fuse boxes. Below are the locations to look for them in.

Engine compartment

Most models with two or more fuse boxes have one in the engine compartment. It is generally situated between the battery and the left front wing behind the passenger side headlight. It is a rectangular shaped box with a plastic cover that is held down by either 4 screws or by light spring loaded clips. The manual for that model should explain what fuses are in there.


A common location for a fuse box in the Fiat Punto is on the right side of the steering column. It is normally by the drivers right leg under the steering wheel. The top of some of them are secured by two Phillips-head screws, while other models just flip off. There is normally a diagram embossed in the plastic to show what each fuse is for.

Glove box

In third generation models there are normally two fuse boxes with one situated behind the passenger side glove box. It is accessed through the glove box and normally has a metal plate over the front of it, which may hold a USB port. Needle nose pliers are useful to access fuses in there.


There are a couple of other locations for fuse boxes in a few Fiat Punto models. One location is the left-hand side of the boot. The other location is on the end of the driver’s side of the dash. This can not be accessed unless the driver’s door is open. A fuse diagram is under the lid that comes off when you turn the lock mechanism counter clock wise.

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