Doll Heads and Hands Crafts

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Doll heads and hands are sold in sets with matching skin tones. Doll heads come in a variety of styles designed to be used for very different crafting projects from seasonal to snugly.


Doll head and hands can be used to create seasonal decorations. With a ceramic head and hand set, create an angel to top the tree with an elaborate dress. Design and make an Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus set with painted porcelain faces or craft a nativity set. Use a vinyl head and hand set to make a soft bodied elf doll.


A vinyl head and hand set makes a homemade 18 inch doll appear more lifelike. These dolls are popular because of the growing number of dolly-and-me outfits. Use a porcelain set to make a collectable porcelain doll, or to create a porcelain doll to display an elaborate costume you have created.


The head and hand sets are ideal for puppet making. You can use them to make a basic hand puppet for a child to play with at home. You could also use them on a larger puppeteer project to create a stringed puppet.

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