The Best Size Crochet Hook for Rag Rugs

Easy to make and simple to clean, rag rugs can be a weekend project that uses scrap fabric or specially bought fabric to coordinate with a specific area. The wider the width you cut your rags or fabric for the rag rug, the bigger crochet hook you'll use.

Crochet Hooks

To quickly create this project, you'll use a big crochet hook. One of the biggest on the market is the size S-35 hook. At 19mm wide, this hook will crochet strips of fabric up to one and one-half inches wide easily. Others that will also complete this project, but will produce a tighter stitch because they're smaller, are sizes P and Q hooks. By using half-double or double crochets, a rectangular rug could be completed in an afternoon using these big hooks.

Fabric for Rag Rugs

If you're using scrap fabric, use scraps that are about the same weight. For example, mixing cotton fabrics will make the rug easy to crochet and care for, but mixing upholstery fabric with a thinner cotton will create thick patches of the rug and uneven stitch sizes. Also, keep fabric weight in mind if you plan to buy it from a store and buy coordinating colours in similar weights. Cut the fabric into strips about 1 1/2 inches wide and sew the ends together to create a fabric yarn.

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