How to Apply for an Italian Passport

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Italian passports are used by Italian citizens to travel to other countries. Obtaining an Italian passport requires proving that you are a citizen of Italy. Non-citizens can obtain dual citizenship if they prove their Italian lineage. They can then get their own Italian passport that allows them to travel outside of Italy as an Italian citizen. Proving your lineage is a complex process while applying for the passport itself simply requires doing the application and sending it in to the proper authorities.

Find birth certificates, green cards, death certificates and any other necessary paperwork to trace your family lineage. Get as many of these as possible and make sure each of the ancestors is a direct ancestor.

Check the certificates of your Italian ancestor to make sure that they were born in Italy. They may have been born outside of the country and raised there or their family may have moved to a different country before they were born.

Research whether or not any of your ancestors ever renounced their Italian citizenship instead of obtaining a new citizenship. This will make you ineligible for citizenship. Check with your family records or if necessary obtain any information necessary from the nearest Italian embassy.

Go to an Italian embassy and find the consulate to ask her for dual citizenship application forms.

Take the forms home and fill them out. Use your citizenship documents to prove that have Italian lineage. Make copies of these forms to give with your application and turn it back into the embassy.

Wait up to one year to hear back about your application and whether or not your dual citizenship has been approved.

Go back to the embassy and obtain passport forms and fill these out at your home. Return them to the embassy and wait four to six weeks for them to be returned.

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