iPod A1051 Instructions

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The A1051 model of the iPod was more commonly known as the iPod Mini. Released in 2004, its biggest distinction was that it introduced the Click Wheel you see on all current iPod classics and older iPod nanos. Apple discontinued the A1051 model in 2005 along with the iPod Mini line. You can find used models with 4- and 6-GB hard drives. You operate the unit much like other iPod models that use a Click Wheel.

Press the button or any surface on the Click Wheel to wake the iPod. A list of options appears.

Move your finger clockwise along the edge of the Click Wheel to move the cursor down the options list. To move the cursor back up the list, move your finger counter-clockwise on the Click Wheel.

Press the centre button when you reach the "Music" option.

Select how you want to list your music: by artist, playlist, genre or album.

Browse to the song you want to play by using the Click Wheel and the centre button to select an album or artist. Press the top of the Click Wheel (the "Menu" option) to return to the previous menu.

Press the bottom of the Click Wheel (the play button) to start playing music at the selected song.

Press the right side of the Click Wheel to advance to the next song in the album or playlist. Press the left side to return to the beginning of the song that is currently playing. Press it a second time to go to the previous song in the album or playlist.

Rotate your finger clockwise on the Click Wheel to increase the volume. Rotate your finger counter-clockwise to decrease the volume.

Press the centre button while the song is playing to: (1st press) move ahead or backwards in the current track - use the Click Wheel to move the cursor on the screen, (2nd press) rate the song or (3rd press) view any info associated with the track.

Locate the "Hold swtich" at the top of the unit.

Switch it so you see red. The iPod is locked, and it will ignore any input from the Click Wheel.

Return the switch to its original position to use the Click Wheel again.

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