How Do I Anonymously Report Illegal Websites?

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The Internet has opened up a lot of possibilities for illegal activity, some of which goes widely unnoticed by authorities. As a citizen of the world and a user of the Internet community, you may feel you have a responsibility to inform someone about illegal activities you have witnessed online. The Internet Watch Foundation allows you to report websites that display child sexual abuse, one of the top forms of Internet illegal activity across the world, anonymously. You may also report to other government agencies who agree to keep your information confidential.

Determine the type of illegal activity the website you are viewing is displaying. Different types of illegal activity on the Internet require different reporting procedures. For example, if you need to report credit card fraud, you will need to include your name so the agency you report it to can help remedy your financial situation. However, if you are reporting child pornography, you can report anonymously on the Internet Watch Foundation's reporting tool.

Visit the Internet Watch Foundation's website. The foundation, based in England, allows users from anywhere across the world to report child pornography. Other types of illegal activity may also be reported there as long as the activity happened on a website hosted in England.

Follow the steps on the Internet Watch Foundation's website. You have the option to include your name, but it's not necessary. Once you have completed all the required steps and explained the illegal activity, press the "Submit" button to report the website.

Report other types of illegal activity, such as credit card fraud, in the United States to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team using their online form. This organisation requires you to leave your full name, however they state that they try to keep your information private and anonymous unless they specifically need to use it for something in their investigation.

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