How to Tell if Your Snake Is Ready to Mate

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Most reptiles make it obvious they are ready for breeding; their behaviour changes drastically, they change colour and sometimes even shape. But snakes are a little more subtle in their breeding signs. When ready to breed, snakes secrete pheromones, which are undetectable to humans. If you are wondering if your snake is ready to mate, there are a few signs you can look for in order to be sure.

Pay attention to how your snake is eating. Females will almost always reduce the amount of food they consume when they are ready to breed, and some stop eating altogether. Male snakes will either begin eating more food or less, so look out for any change in appetite.

Place the snake within proximity of another of the opposite sex. Observe the reactions of your snake. The snake should have a definite reaction; however, violent or jerky motions could mean that the snake isn't quite ready to breed yet. If the snake rubs up against the cage and rises up, it could mean it's very interested in the other snake.

Introduce your snake to the selected suitor by placing them in the same cage. As the snake gets settled, observe your snake to see if there appears to be pheromone activity. Female snakes will slither over things to secrete the pheromone on, and a male snake will react by "tasting" the pheromone with his tongue.

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