How to Repair a Chipped Shower Tray

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Your bathroom is one of the most pivotal rooms of your house: it's where you prepare for the day ahead and where you can relax with a hot bath or shower after a long day. Any flaws in such an important room can stick out over time, making your bathroom seem shoddy and in need of repair. Having a chipped shower tray is more than just an eyesore in your bathroom. The chip could crack, causing water leakages over time.

Add a dime-sized amount of mild detergent to a soft cloth and rub the sides of the cloth together to distribute the soap well.

Wipe down the chipped area of the shower tray and rinse it off well. Blow it dry with a hair dryer for at least 15 minutes to make sure it is completely dry.

Dip your 1/4-inch-wide brush into your bath enamel primer or sealer in a colour that matches perfectly and dab a thin coat on the chipped area of the shower tray. Allow it to dry for two hours.

Dip your brush in bath enamel finish paint in a matching colour and apply a light coat to the chipped area. Rinse out the brush with warm water and a drop of mild soap. Set it on paper towel to dry.

Squeeze out nickel sized amount of each part of a waterproof marine epoxy onto a paper plate. Mix the two parts together with a toothpick.

Apply the mixed epoxy to the chipped area with your brush. Apply a thin coat and allow it to dry overnight. Apply additional coats once the first coat is dry until the chipped area is level with the rest of the shower tray. Always let the coats dry overnight between each one.

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