How to interview an activities coordinator

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The process of hiring employees, for any position, requires that the right candidate be selected. Multiple factors need to be assessed, including personality, work ethic and past performance. The position of an activities coordinator is one that requires the candidate to possess a high level of organisation skill and an understanding of your operations. Making sure the right person is chosen makes the interviewing process highly relevant.

Review the candidate's resume right before the interview to refresh your memory. Make notes regarding past positions so you can ask the person to explain specific items in greater detail. For example, if the candidate notes experience in securing venues and locations for activities, have the person explain how the task was routinely completed.

Ask the candidate to explain specific activities organised, offered and administered at prior employers. Make sure to ask the candidate to explain the exact role played in organising activities. Question whether or not the person had assistants working under them to perform administrative tasks and duties.

Show the candidate a sheet or list of prior activities and events hosted or sponsored by your organisation. Ask the candidate to give you an assessment of the schedule or list. Have the person give you ideas for changes or ideas describing how the candidate would have organised and coordinated things differently.

Tell the candidate to create a daily and weekly activities schedule. Give the person a notebook and leave the room for 15 to 30 minutes. Do not give guidance in terms of ideas, rather see how the candidate functions when having to be creative, work under pressure and produce a schedule with a quick turnaround time. Use the test list to discuss the candidate's strengths and weaknesses. Ask the candidate to explain the activities listed on the paper and the reasoning behind why the activities were chosen.

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