How to Make a Sherlock Holmes Cape

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Sherlock Holmes is a fictional English detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is recognised by his plaid cape and his pipe, and famous for saying, "Elementary, my dear Watson" to his faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson. Sherlock Holmes first appeared in 1886 in the book "A Study in Scarlett.

" After this, he appeared in 56 short stories and four novels, and in 1900, the first of many Sherlock Holmes films was produced. The cape is an essential part of a Sherlock Holmes costume.

Download and print the collar template and the child's cape template, both available from the Martha Stewart website, and cut them out. For an adult-size cape, enlarge the templates accordingly.

Cut out a 10-by-20-inch piece of suiting fabric, and cut a piece of felt and fusible webbing to the same size. Place the suiting fabric face down, place the piece of fusible webbing on top, then the felt on top of that, right side facing up. Use an iron to adhere the fabrics together, leaving you with a 10-by-20-inch rectangle of fused fabric.

Place the collar template on top of the fused fabric rectangle. Draw around the template with chalk and cut it out.

Fold the bias tape in half and iron a central crease into it. Fold the bias tape over the outside edges of the collar, using the central crease as a guide, and sew in place.

Place the cape template onto the suiting fabric, pin in place and draw around it with chalk. Remove the template and cut out the fabric. Bind the edges with bias tape in the same way as the collar.

Line up the inside edge of the collar with the top edge of the cape and pin together. Cut a 52-inch piece of bias tape. Align the centre of the tape with the centre of the back of the cape and collar, so there is an even overhang to tie the cloak closed with on either side. Pinch the edges of the cape and collar together, and sew the tape into position.