How to make a homemade electrical fly zapper Images

An electronic fly swatter works more efficiently than a traditional fly swatter. The traditional model simply knocks flies out of the air but does not kill them. The electronic swatter kills the fly on impact. The head of the swatter is electrified and sends a mild electric current into whatever touches it.

In a human, this current is a slight shock; with flies, it kills them.

Measure the area where the string would go on an old, destrung tennis racket.

Cut finely graded chicken wire according to the measurement of the racket head. The grade should be less than one-third of an inch in length.

Place the cut chicken wire on top of the racket head. Secure it there with duct tape. The final product should look like a chicken wire tennis racket.

Connect two wires to the bottom corners of the chicken wire, toward the handle. Tape the connections with duct tape. Designate one wire as the positive wire and the other wire as the negative wire. Use different coloured wires to keep things simple.

Connect one wire to the positive terminal of a small switch. Connect the other wire to the negative terminal of the small switch. The switch will have four terminals, two positives and two negatives; there will be "+/-" pair on either end.

Connect another wire to the second positive terminal of the small switch. Connect another wire to the second negative terminal of the small switch.

Connect the other ends of these wires to the positive and negative terminals on a nine-volt battery. Connect positive with positive and negative with negative. Use duct tape to seal the connection.

Duct tape the battery and switch to the racket.

Press the switch to complete the circuit and send electricity through the chicken wire. Swat a fly to test the system. The racket may crackle or spark mildly on impact.