How to Go to Prom with Braces

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Prom comes around at the end of your senior year of high school. It is a time to celebrate and party with your friends and classmates. The excitement of choosing your tuxedo or dress can be overshadowed with worry about how your braces will cause your pictures to look. Whether your braces were newly put on, or you've had them for a while, it is completely possible to enjoy your special night while wearing braces.

Smile and have a good time rather than allowing the presence of braces on your teeth to make you walk around all night looking sullen. No matter how self-conscious you feel about your braces, realise that to other people, it simply is not a big deal. Have a good time, smile and create memories and photos filled with carefree laughter.

Take two poses for your prom photo, trying at least one in which you smile naturally, showing your teeth, and at least one with a closed mouth. This will allow you to choose the pose with which you are most comfortable.

Change the rubber bands in your braces to match your outfit. If you have traditional metal braces, change the rubber band colours for the evening. This gesture shows that you are comfortable with your braces and that you have decided to approach them with a lighthearted, laid-back approach.

Carry a small, travel-size toothbrush in your bag or pocket. Give your teeth and braces a quick inspection and brushing after eating any hors d'oeuvres or dinner items that may have become lodged in your braces.

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