How to Increase Your Rep on Xbox Gamertag

Xbox LIVE is the online platform for Xbox 360 gamers, and you can have a gamertag, a profile picture, a scene -- i.e., recreational or professional gamer -- and a reputation. By default, new Xbox LIVE users have a 3-star reputation and only other profiles can increase your reputation. This is done when a profile selects your gamertag and marks you as a preferred player. You need one recommendation to increase your reputation to four stars and about five recommendations to increase it to the maximum of five.

Sign in to any other profiles also stored on your Xbox 360. If these profiles are friends with your profile, press "Guide" and select "Friends." Select your gamertag and select "Submit Player Review." Select "Preferred Player" to recommend your profile.

Create new profiles on your Xbox 360. Profiles must be Xbox LIVE-enabled before you can use them to recommend your profile, but you can use the free silver membership to do this. However, you will need a valid Windows Live account for each profile you create. Recommend your profile with your created accounts to help increase your reputation.

Play against other players online. This requires a paid gold Xbox LIVE membership, priced at £39 a year, at the time of this publication. As long as you are not verbally abusive or quit out early, other players will naturally recommend your profile. After all, people only want to play with other players who express good sportsmanship and skill.

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