How to Pass the Nautilus Quest on "SecretBuilders"

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Children can go beyond the typical virtual play world in the online world of "SecretBuilders" to learn about literature, math and other subjects while completing quests, decorating their home and caring for their pets. Players can go on quests to help Merlin the Magician find seven lost treasures, meeting historical characters Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll and H.G. Wells along the way. One of the lost treasures is the Nautilus, the submarine from "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea." Players can accept the quest to find the Nautilus and travel with Captain Nemo to find the submarine.

Purchase the Ribbit spell from Weird Brew in Haunted Valley before you accept the Find the Nautilus quest. You will need the spell to complete the quest.

Accept the Find the Nautilus quest from the available quests to transport automatically to Treasure Island. Click on the "To the Beach" sign to travel to the beach and speak with Captain Nemo.

Pick up the quest map lying on the beach and travel to the right for two screens. Answer the question about Moby Dick that pops up on the screen to open the beach for swimming.

Open your inventory and double-click on the underwater breathing spell. A warning will appear, stating a spell is cast on you. Close the window and cast the breathing spell again, until the warning stops appearing.

Walk down into the water to begin the search for the Nautilus. Follow the treasure map and visit each screen to find three treasure chests that hold keys. Answer the riddles for each chest to get the key.

Follow the footprints in the sand after you have all three keys. On the screen where the footprints disappear, click on the rock at the left-side of the screen and Moby Dick will appear.

Click the reef next to the rock to speak to Pompous Reef, who will tell you to find Moby Dick's baby. Travel to the right to find four giant squids. Use the Ribbit spell to turn them all into frogs.

Walk to the next screen to the right to find Moby Dick's baby locked in a cage. You will be missing a key to open it. Walk back to the left and find a key dropped next to the squids.

Return to the screen with the baby whale. Open your inventory and double-click one of the keys. Answer the math puzzles that appear to unlock the cage and free the baby.

Return to Moby Dick to reunite the baby whale with his dad. The whales will swim away to reveal the Nautilus.

Click on the Tumtum Board to return to the beach. Travel to the left, until you come to the screen with the pink rabbit holding the Treasure Island sign. Return to Treasure Island to complete the quest and receive your award.

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