How to Replace the Front Control Panel on a Samsung Refrigerator

The front control panel on a Samsung refrigerator is used to regulate the temperature and other basic settings of the unit. If the control panel stops responding, or if changes in settings do not take effect, the panel may be faulty. Replace the front control panel with a new part to keep the Samsung refrigerator operating correctly.

Unplug the refrigerator power cord from the wall outlet.

Insert the tip of the flat-blade screwdriver into the slots on the bottom of the control panel.

Pivot the screwdriver up to unlock the release tabs.

Unplug the wire connector from its socket by hand.

Lift the control panel out of its compartment.

Position the new control panel in its place. Plug the wire connector into its socket.

Press along the bottom of the control panel to engage the two locking tabs. Plug the Samsung refrigerator power cord back in to ensure the new control panel is working.

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