How to make a toothbrush rug tool

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A toothbrush rug is made using a technique with strips of fabric and a toothbrush as your needle. Make a toothbrush rug tool using an old brush that has outlived its hygienic usefulness. A point created on one end of the handle will allow the needle to easily slip under the previous stitches on the rug, while a hole drilled in the other end is the eye of the needle used for threading the fabric strips.

Cut off the bristled head of a toothbrush using a jigsaw. This will leave you with the toothbrush handle.

Place the cut end of the handle against the grinding wheel of an electric grinder. Shape the end into a point.

Measure down a 1/4 inch from the uncut end of the handle and mark it with a permanent marker.

Place the toothbrush handle on a piece of scrap wood. The scrap wood will prevent accidentally drilling through your table. Drill through the mark on the handle using a 1/4-inch drill bit. This is the eye of the needle.

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