How to Fix Your Hexbug's Legs

A Hexbug is a robotic toy that has small legs that help it move around your house. Sometimes, a leg moves out of the proper position which can cause it to move in circles or move in one direction exclusively. Fixing the leg of your Hexbug is a relatively simple process that requires no tools but a careful application of force to the leg of your bug.

Pick up the Hexbug and look at it from the front or back. Look at the legs to find any that may be angled outwardly or inward. All the legs should be lined up with each other at the same angle.

Place the Hexbug between the thumb and pointer finger of your left hand. Hold the sides firmly to keep it in place. Hold it up to your face to get a good view of the bug.

Grab the leg between the thumb and point of your right hand. Pull the leg slowly and gently in the direction it needs to move to be at the same level as the other legs.

Adjust any other legs that need to be adjusted by using this same method. Repeat until all the legs are in a similar position.

Turn on the Hexbug and let it run on the floor. Watch to see how straight it moves. Adjust legs if it still moves in a circle. Move the left legs if it pushes right and the right legs if it moves left.

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