How to Write a Bill for Work Done

Writing a bill for work that you have done is a critical task for the operation of any business. Bills for work performed are usually called invoices. An invoice allows your customer to review the work that was performed, when it was performed, at what rate it was performed and when payment is expected. It is important to understand how to properly create an invoice so that your customers pay you on time.

Write out the name of your business at the top of your bill. Include your business address and telephone number. Also include your business's e-mail address if you have one. Write down the date of the invoice in the upper section of the bill, preferably in the upper right or left corners.

Write, in detail, the work that you performed for your customer in the middle section of the bill. Try to be as detailed as possible so that the customer understands how you have benefited him. It is preferable to create columns, with the left column for the date of the work performed, the middle column for a description of the work and the right column for the price charged for the work. In the price charged section, include any hourly rate charged to the customer, if applicable.

Write at the bottom of the invoice when you expect payment. You may choose to indicate a specific date or a period of time, such as "30 days from receipt of this invoice." Include a statement at the bottom of the invoice that you appreciate prompt payment. If you charge interest for late payments, write the amount of any late fees.

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