How to Glue Polyethylene Sheets

Polythene sheets are a type of plastic film made from petroleum. This type of plastic has a number of uses in construction. The sheets are often used to provide a vapour barrier in new construction and are very resistant to the elements as well as chemicals. One method of attaching the polythene sheets to a surface is by gluing them.

Clean the surface where you plan to install the polythene sheet. Remove any type of debris that may interfere with the glue adhesion.

Select your adhesive type. Pressure sensitive adhesive are formulated from rubber to remain tacky and create a strong bond. Contact adhesives are solvent-based with a weaker bond, but will work fine for small sheets.

Pour the adhesive of your choice into a glue tray. Fully coat a glue roller in the adhesive. Cover the back of the polythene sheet with the adhesive, running the glue roller over the entire surface and re-coating as needed.

Press the polythene sheet to the surface where you wish to attach it. Apply pressure with your hands throughout the sheet to ensure proper contact with the surface. The sheet will adhere to the surface after pressure is applied.

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