How to Make a Satin Lei

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With colourful flowers strung into a necklace, leis are a traditional greeting to visitors in Hawaii, as well as a gift given to celebrate special occasions. While flowers wilt, you can create a lei made from satin fabric that will serve as a permanent keepsake from an occasion. This project will take some time and effort to complete -- but when it's finished, you'll have created a plush lei to give to someone as a welcome or congratulatory gift.

Use scissors to snip a starting tear in the top of your fabric, then use your hands to pull and separate the fabric the rest of the way. Use this method to tear your satin fabric into long strips, 2 inches wide.

Shred the outside edges of the strips. Use your finger nails or a pin to pull the threads apart. Leave about 1/2 inch of material intact and unshredded running down the centre of the fabric.

Sew a 1/4-inch running stitch by hand down the centre of each fabric strip. A running stitch is made by sticking the needle in one side of the fabric and moving it a short distance across the fabric before sticking it back through the other side.

Push the fabric together along the running stitch. Give the material a twist as you push and gather it together to create a circular pattern.

Connect more shredded satin fabric strips onto the same thread used on the first strip, to continue the length of your lei. Again, sew through the centre of the fabric and gather it together on one end. Add fabric strips following this method until you reach the desired length of the lei.

Tie the ends of the thread together to create a connected neck piece.

Tie a ribbon in a bow around one part of the lei to complete the project.

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