MP40 Sling Installation

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The venerable MP40 machine pistol, utilised by the German military during World War II, came with an optional leather sling that is often connected incorrectly. The sling allows the user to keep the SMG over a shoulder so that it hangs down under his arm, with the barrel pointed directly downward. Connecting an authentic sling to an MP40 is easy if the steps are followed in the correct order.

Locate the forward and rear sling lugs on the gun. The front lug is located on the right side between the barrel and magazine, appearing as a vertical slot. The rear sling lug is located in the centre at the rear of the receiver, above the pistol grip.

Lay the gun on a table, right side facing up.

Feed the flat, loose end of the leather sling through the front sling lug toward the barrel. The metal buckle at the other end of the sling should be flat against the receiver of the gun, while the loose end is folded back, over the lug and fed through the leather loop and then the buckle. Pull the leather strap all the way through the buckle until the buckle is about 2 inches from the front sling lug.

Push the loose end of the strap through the rear sling lug from the left side of the gun to the right. You will notice two holes in the loose end of the sling; push through the included small button to connect the loose end of the sling to itself, securing the loose end to the rear lug. Adjust tension by sliding the buckle at the front sling lug.

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