How to Make Your Suitcase Smell Better

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Whether you're a busy traveller or just travel once a year, your suitcase could probably use some refreshment. You can do a number of things to freshen the scent of your suitcase, using items found right in your home.

Purchase one or more sachets of potpourri from a local store or from an online store.

Place the sachet inside the suitcase before you put clothes or other items in the suitcase, ideally in the corners of the suitcase.

Replace the sachets every six months to make sure the scent stays fresh.

Empty out the suitcase completely.

Spray the inside of the suitcase with a few spritzes of your favourite perfume or body spray.

Let the excess residue dry with the suitcase open overnight.

Empty the suitcase and rub one or more dryer sheets all over the interior of the suitcase.

Line the inside of the suitcase with fresh dryer sheets.

Place clothes and other items you are packing on top of the dryer sheets to keep the fresh scent.

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