How to Convert Horse Ratings to Odds

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A day at the horse track can provide an afternoon of fun, even in a losing effort so long as you play only with money you can afford to lose. As enjoyable as the experience of the thrills of rooting for your horses is, however, a day is even more worthwhile when you leave the track with having made a profit. In a rating betting system, each horse is rated on a ten-point scale, with those ratings used to determine the best bets in the race.

Rate every horse in the race with a rating for how strong their chances are in the race, with a horse rated 10 having an excellent chance and a horse with a 0 rating being hopeless to win the race.

Add up the total points assigned to the horses in the race.

Divide each horse's rating by the total rating points assigned to find the percentage of the points each horse provided.

Convert the percentages of each horse into the odds format used at your track. For quick percentage conversions, use the calculator located in the resources section, entering the percentage found in the "Implied Probability" section.

Compare your odds assigned to each horse with the odds being offered by the track.

Identify horses that are paying out more money than your odds say they should. These are horses that represent a good bet based on your ratings, as it means the track is treating them as less likely to win than you believe them to be.

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