Instructions for a Pavilion 6.8 x 5 Tent

Pavilion tents are large outdoor tents that are used for parties and garden gatherings and are meant to hold food items and any other objects that you want to protect from the elements. A pavilion tent of 6.8 by 5 meters (22 by 15 feet) will usually be octagonal and may feature clear plastic windows and open doors on one or two sides. A tent this size can hold 40 or 50 people at a time, and is perfect for outdoor events where you want some shade or shelter from the elements. Several different styles of pavilion tents are available in this size, each with its own different features, but most follow similar design elements and are set up in similar ways.

Put the ground cloth down on in the exact spot that you want to set up the pavilion tent. Spread out the ground cloth, removing any rocks or other obstacles that would be underneath it.

Place the tent pole hub in the exact centre of the ground cloth.

Insert the supporting poles into the hub; octagonal tents will have eight. Many pavilion tents have shorter poles for the front and back of the tent, where the doors will be, so be sure to put shorter poles facing a doorway.

Screw or otherwise attach the centre of the roof fabric to the top of the pole hub. You must get underneath the roof fabric to do this.

Connect the roof poles to their respective grooves along the roof fabric. Some tents have easy-to-use Velco attachments, while others require tying knots with rope.

Connect each of the corners of the roof fabric to each other using the provided poles and pole joints. Joints should have four holes, two for the connector poles on each side, one for the roof fabric support pole and one for the standing pole.

Insert the standing poles into the bottom slots of the pole joints and lift the tent up into its erected position. Having someone to help you with a tent this size makes things much easier.

Hang the walls and doors on each side from the connector poles. Use Velco straps or the provided ropes to secure the hanging walls and doors.

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