In Skype, My Last Name Is Showing on My Profile: How Do I Delete This?

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Maintaining your privacy online is no simple task. Various sites and programs are all too willing to spread information about you without your consent or even your knowledge. Skype, for example, asks for your full name -- and this then shows up in your profile, which, depending on your settings, any other Skype user in the world may be able to view. However, you do have choices. While Skype does not allow you to make your full name private, you can remove your last name and leave only your first name public.

Open Skype and sign into the account from which you wish to remove the last name from the profile.

Click "Skype," "Profile" and then "Edit Your Profile." Alternatively, click the "Profile" tab on the top of the right portion of Skype, and then click "Edit."

Click your full name where it appears at the top of your profile. Doing so makes the name editable. Remove your last name, and then click the check mark at the end of the field.

Click the "Skype Home" tab at the top of the right portion of Skype to return to your Skype home screen. Anyone who views your profile will now see only your first name.

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