How to Remove the Burnt Taste From Roast Beef

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Roasting meat typically involves cooking the meat slowly over a low heat. When you roast beef, it cooks the meat all the way through, but while the outside is slightly hard or crunchy, the inside stays juicy and moist.

If you forget to check on the meat, set the oven too high, or leave the roast cooking too long, then you risk burning the finished product. Use home remedies to get rid of that burnt taste.

Remove the pan from the oven as soon as you realise that the roast burnt.

Fill the sink with cold water and place the bottom of the roasting dish in the cold water. The water halts the cooking process and helps stop the burnt flavour from permeating through the meat.

Scrape or pull the meat out of the pan, leaving the bottom layer behind. Transfer the meat to a new pan. If you catch it fast enough, then you can save most of the roast.

Pour a thin layer of water over the top of the roast beef. The water replaces the cooking liquid you lost when the meat burnt.

Dip the spoon into the cooking liquid and taste. If the beef still has a burnt flavour, then add ½ tablespoon Worcestershire sauce and stir, mixing it into the liquid. Spoon the liquid over the top of the roast beef to mask the burnt flavour.