How to Chew Food Quietly

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You can enjoy the liberty of chewing your food as loudly as you want in your own home, but in public places, such as a cinema or a conference room, noisy chewers are usually frowned upon. Chewing loudly not only makes you appear uncouth but might also cause others to assume that you have no respect for them. To kick the habit and maintain good relationships with people, follow these masticating tips.

Don't take too big of a bite. When you take a huge chunk of food, you automatically have to open your jaw very wide in order to chomp down the enormous chunk of food in your mouth. This will certainly make your chewing more audible.

Keep your mouth closed. Chewing with your mouth open is not only more noisy but also very unpleasant to see. Plus, accidental spitting is another undesirable effect of this bad chewing habit.

Chew your food slowly. Fast eaters (gobblers!) tend to make little smacking sounds while chewing, even when their mouths are closed.

Try not to move your tongue too much. Just let the teeth do the job. Moving your tongue around too much while chewing can cause an unpleasant slurping sound.

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