How to Feed a Budgie

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A budgie -- short for "budgerigar" and also known as the popular parakeet -- makes a great pet. Budgies are known for their personality and approachability. To make sure your budgie enjoys a long, healthy and happy life as your winged companion, feed it the right diet with high-quality ingredients.

Introduce pellets into your budgie's diet first. Place fresh pellets in a bowl daily for about four days. Look for pellet brands and varieties that are specifically formulated for parakeets, and that contain no added sugars. Keep your pellets in an airtight container to prevent spoiling.

Switch your budgie's daily feed to a parakeet seed mix for the next four days. Any seed mix for small-beaked birds that contains no additives or chemical preservatives is appropriate. Do not mix pellets with seeds -- budgies will favour seeds over pellets and will pick them out, leaving the pellets and their nutritional value behind. Pellets and seeds make up the base of your budgie's diet. Continue switching between pellets and seed mix for four days at a time.

Give your budgie one fresh vegetable or fruit each day once it is accustomed to its regular feeding schedule. Budgies love fresh produce, but don't overfeed these foods. Budgies can eat leafy greens, such as spinach, with little preparation. Cut up or grate bulkier vegetables so that your budgie's small beak can grab onto them. Hang an apple or pear slice from the side or roof of your budgie's cage so the bird can nibble at it.

Provide some animal protein for your budgie on occasion. Budgies are omnivores, but like humans, they don't need an overabundance of animal protein. Budgies love deli turkey slices with minimal added salt or shredded roast chicken. Add the animal proteins directly to your budgie's food dish.