How to Get Crossfit Certified

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CrossFit is a conditioning and strengthening exercise program. One of its goals is to keep the body guessing; routines are rarely the same and combine gymnastics, kettle bell training, plyometrics and other fitness techniques.

The CrossFit philosophy is that a healthy, fit individual should be proficient in 10 general physical skills that include cardiovascular endurance, power, speed and agility. Those who benefit most from CrossFit training are committed to hard work and willing to challenge existing ideas about fitness. If you are interested in teaching CrossFit, you must become certified to instruct and train. CrossFit offers three levels of qualifications: The Level 1 certified trainer, coach prep and Level 2 certification for coaches. For those interested in focusing on children's fitness, there is also a CrossFit kids course. Courses cost approximately £650 for each individual certification.

Access the CrossFit home page for the dates and locations of upcoming sessions. When you find a location and date that fits your need, complete the online registration form and remit a deposit for the upcoming course. The Level 1 training consists of lectures, demonstrations and workout sessions. The fee for the seminar is £650.

Become familiar with CrossFit methodology, movements and concepts at the Level 1 trainer course. The course includes classroom instruction and hands-on training sessions in a small group setting. The movements are taught under low-intensity workouts, and the focus is on improving technique.

Receive certification. At the end of the Level 1 training course, you will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate will state that you have the ability to teach CrossFit at the introductory level.

Complete the Level 1 trainer course. Prior to being allowed to register for the CrossFit Coach Prep course or the kids trainer course, you have to complete the Level 1 trainer course. It is strongly recommended that you also have at least six months of experience training groups and individuals using CrossFit methods.

Attend CrossFit coach prep courses. Visit the CrossFit home page for dates and locations of the certification session. In coach prep courses, you will review the essential mechanics of functional movement, training essentials and effective methods. There are two levels of coaching certifications.

Obtain your certificate. It is recommended that you get at least one year of experience coaching individuals using CrossFit programming and movements before seeking a Level 2 coaching certification.

Obtain CrossFit kids trainer certification. CrossFit also offers a course where you can learn child-specific cues for primary CrossFit movements. You will learn to scale the exercises for children of all ages and abilities.