How to Lighten Tinted Eyebrows

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Eyebrow tinting gives brows definition, which can also help to keep them looking well groomed. Though permanent brow tints are illegal in the U.S., you may find that natural, help dyes define very fair or grey brows. Immediately after tinting, even with a vegetable colour, brow colour can look a little strong or too dark but thankfully it usually fades back naturally within a couple of days, so don't be alarmed if you've had your brows tinted and they look obvious. There are a few things that you can do to speed the process of lightening tinted eyebrows.

Leave your freshly tinted brows overnight to settle.

Rub some gentle facial cleanser in to damp brows and massage for a minute or two. Do not scrub your brows but work the cleanser in to coat every hair then leave it to soak in for a minute.

Rinse cleanser away thoroughly. Follow this procedure a couple of times a day, whenever you cleanse your face and this should tone down excess colour gently.

Brush a little coloured brow gel through your brows. Choose a colour a little lighter than the tinted shade. If in doubt, select a tint close to your hair.

Wipe the applicator so it is clean on a tissue and comb through brows again to shape them as well as blend the colour in.

Repeat the application, if necessary, and continue to comb brows through until you achieve a natural, lighter look.

Choose an eyeshadow lighter than your brows but close to your hair colour. Do not choose too warm a shade, especially if you are fair or blonde but rather opt for a slightly ashen colour.

Press eyeshadow in to brows using a firm, angled eyebrow brush. This allows you to keep within the natural shape, without smudging colour around. Pressing on colour, rather than sweeping it also gives more control and therefore a them a more natural look.

Comb through with a rounded brow groomer, which looks like a mascara brush. You could even use an old mascara wand as long as you wash it thoroughly.

Build up a little more colour using the same method as before. This professional technique is the most effective way to shape, define, darken or lighten brows but it is best when built up slowly and accurately.

Sweep a little clear brow gel though to set brows as well as to fix the colour.

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