How to Make a Sleeveless Hoodie Images

A hooded sweatshirt, also known as a hoodie, is a soft warm garment that has a hood attached to the neck hole. While it is a comfortable garment, it may feel a little too warm or muffling. Create a sleeveless hoodie from a regular one with only a little bit of sewing. A sleeveless hoodie reveals the arms and allows some airflow into the garment. Removing the sleeves from the hoodie gives the garment a significantly different look.

Locate the seam in the armscye of the hoodie you want to alter. The armscye is where the sleeve fits into the body of the garment.

Insert the sharp part of a seam ripper into the stitches there and tear at the stitches until the sleeve comes loose. While you can also do this with a pair of embroidery scissors, using a seam ripper gives you more control and prevents you from cutting the surrounding fabric.

Rip out the seams on the opposite side of the hoodie as well, using the process described above.

Fold the raw edges of the armscye down twice into the interior of the garment.

Secure the fold with pins.

Sew the fold flat with needle and thread.

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