How to Stop "Pokemon SoulSilver" From Freezing

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"Pokemon SoulSilver" is a remake of the original "Pokemon Silver" version. Remastered for the Nintendo DS, "Pokemon SoulSilver" is a cartridge-based game that isn't prone to scratching like the disc-based games on consoles like the Nintendo Wii.

While it is not uncommon for any game to freeze or lock up on occasion, it should not happen often. If your copy of "Pokemon SoulSilver" freezes regularly, you can attempt to remedy the issue using a few techniques that will work on any game in your Nintendo DS library.

Power off the Nintendo DS console and eject the game cartridge by pressing it down and removing it when it pops out. Inspect the cartridge slot on the DS and the game cartridge for any damage, extensive wear or debris. If the game or cartridge slot displays serious damage, a replacement may be needed.

Remove any unlicensed peripherals and accessories from your Nintendo DS and "Pokemon SoulSilver" game cartridge, as these devices are not approved for use by Nintendo and may cause problems such as freezing.

Insert the nozzle on a can of compressed air gently into the Nintendo DS's cartridge slot and pull the trigger a few times to release several short, quick bursts to clear away any dust lingering in the slot.

Wipe the gold connection points on the back of the game cartridge using a cotton swab or microfiber cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

Insert the game cartridge into the Nintendo DS cartridge slot, pressing it down firmly until it clicks and locks into place.

Power on the Nintendo DS to confirm the game works.