How to Disassemble the HP C4180

The Hewlett-Packard C4180 combination inkjet printer and scanner is ideal for printing photographs and a variety of everyday documents at home; however, like all electronics, the printer will eventually need replacing. You might want to take your C4180 apart before sending it in the mail, storing it for a long period of time or packing it up for recycling. Disassembling a Hewlett-Packard C4180 printer involves removing the power supply and ink cartridges before folding up the paper tray and LCD display--a process that takes about 10 minutes.

Pull down the plastic door above the paper feed tray to reveal the ink cartridges. The carriage moves to the right when the door opens, giving you easier access to the cartridges. Pull down on each ink cartridge to remove it from the printer.

Disconnect the power cord from the outlet and the back of the printer. Remove the USB cord at both ends when your computer is switched off. Wrap up the cables.

Remove any remaining paper from the tray at the front of the printer, then push the paper feeder inward to stow it away.

Fold down the LCD display and gather all of the pieces of the printer.

Locate the Windows and Macintosh installation CDs and the product manual and place them with the parts you removed from the printer during the previous steps. The HP C4180 is now disassembled.

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