How to sedate a feral cat

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When most people think of cats, images of domesticated felines curled up on sofas or in baskets come to mind. Feral cats, on the other hand, are born into the wild and live outside, surviving on their instincts. If you've encountered a feral cat, particularly one that's injured, you'll probably need to sedate it before it can receive medical attention. Without sedation, the cat will hiss, claw and bite, posing a danger to you.

Visit a veterinarian to get a prescription for liquid sedatives for cats.

Mix the designated dosage of liquid sedatives with cat food, tuna fish, cat treats or any other snack you think the feral cat might be interested in.

Shoo away any other wildlife that might try and eat the food.

Leave the dish of food out in the open. Walk away to an area where you're out of sight and where the cat won't smell you, but where you can watch the dish. For example, if the cat's in your yard, go back in the house and watch from a back window.

Watch the feral cat consume the food. The sedative will act quite quickly. Once the cat goes limp and is clearly unconscious, move it to a carrying case or box for transport.

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