How to Tie a Head Covering

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A funky, beautiful patterned scarf can make a unique addition to your overall outfit. Whether you are wearing a head covering to look trendy, to cover baldness or for religious reasons, the scarf should be lightweight and feel good on your head. Pick one that matches your outfit or plan your outfit around a favourite scarf.

Tie your hair tightly in a low, messy bun if you wish to cover it with the scarf. Leave it down if you want your hair to stick out the bottom.

Fold the scarf in half by taking one corner and bringing it to the far corner so that the scarf now forms a big triangle.

Pick up the scarf with two hands by holding one of the two far corners in each hand. The straight side of the triangle should be facing down.

Place the straight side of the triangle across your forehead, slightly lower than where you would like it to end up. Make sure the scarf is centred.

Wrap the two ends around the back of your head and tightly tie them together to form a bridge, which is the first step you make when you tie your shoe, where one lace overlaps the other. Do this under your messy bun if you want your hair covered or across the back of your head if you want your hair sticking out.

Tie a second bridge directly over the first using the same two corners to form a tight, single knot.

Pull the scarf down slightly, if it has not shifted already, so that it lies on your forehead exactly where you want it.

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