How to Repeat on Spotify

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Spotify is an interface that lets you listen to a huge variety of music through the Internet. You can search for music you want to listen to, and create playlists of your favourite songs. There is a feature available on Spotify that lets you repeat songs or playlists.

Selecting repeat means that music will not stop being played by Spotify until you choose to stop it.

Turn on your computer and make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Open the Spotify program and select a song or playlist that you would like to listen to.

Click on the song or playlist and press the play button on Spotify to start playing music.

Look at the bottom right corner of the Spotify interface. You will see two icons, one with arrows crossing each other and another showing a circle with small gap and an arrow at one end.

Click on the icon that shows a circle with a small gap and a circle at one end. This is the "Repeat" button.

Pressing the repeat button will instruct Spotify to play the entire playlist or song again once it has finished. The playlist or song will keep repeating until you press the "Repeat" icon again.

Repeat a single song by creating a new playlist and placing the single song you want repeated into that playlist.

Click on the song to play it, and then click on the "Repeat" icon. That song in the playlist will now play repeatedly until you press the "Repeat" icon again.