How Can I Stop My Siberian Husky From Crying & Howling at Night?

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Siberian huskies have triangular faces and often light eyes and distinct wolf-like features. Their fur is thick and soft and they are sociable, energetic dogs that love to get plenty of exercise.

However, even adult dogs can experience separation anxiety at night, so if you crate your dog or place him in a separate room at night, it might start to howl, cry and whimper. This can be sad and disruptive to hear, not to mention disturbing for your neighbours.

Place the crate in the room where you sleep. Put the crate so that it is at eye level with you and your bed. This way the husky can easily see you and know that you are there. The husky won't need to whimper and cry because it can see that it is with its pack.

Place a blanket that you use regularly but are willing to give up in the dog's crate. Your scent will be reassuring to the dog.

Rattle the cage gently with your hand if your husky starts to whimper or cry. This will remind the husky that you are still in the room.

Fill a spray bottle with warm water. Squirt your dog with the spray bottle every time he cries or howls at night. This will reinforce crying and howling as negative behaviour. For this to work, you must spray him every time he does this, until he learns not to do it.

Purchase a bark-activated shock collar. Put the collar on the dog at night and set it on the lowest setting. When the dog howls or cries, the collar will emit a mild electric shock, acting as a stronger negative reinforcement.

Raise the setting to the next level if the dog continues to howl or cry at night. The mild electric shock will effectively stop your dog from howling or crying.