How to display a wedding gown in a shadow box

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A person's wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of her life. Many people spend thousands of dollars and a great deal of time searching for the perfect wedding dress. Rather than hiding your dress away in a wardrobe, consider displaying it in a shadow box. A shadow box is not only a way that you can display your wedding gown -- if you choose the proper materials, it will keep the gown from becoming yellowed or damaged as it ages.

Have your wedding dress cleaned after the wedding. This will remove any stains or spots that might have got on it during the wedding. Make sure the cleaner presses the dress as well, so that it will be in pristine condition when you place it inside your shadow box.

Build your shadow box, or have it made for you. Make sure that the shadow box is made using materials that will not allow ultraviolet light, radiation or heat inside the box, as these things can damage a dress over time. Make sure that the box is large enough to display your entire dress along with any other wedding items you might want to display, such as your shoes and veil.

Line your shadow box with fabric. Consider choosing a fabric that coordinates with the colours you used for your wedding.

Mount your wedding dress in the centre of the shadow box. Make sure that the skirt of the wedding dress is flared outward, rather than simply puddled in the bottom of the shadow box. Use a dry mounting adhesive, available in craft shops, to mount the dress.

Mount your wedding shoes inside the shadow box to the side of the wedding dress.

Dry your wedding day bouquet and mount it inside the shadow box as well. Add other special wedding day touches, such as your garter belt or a picture of your wedding party.

Hang your shadow box in your home so that you can look at it whenever you want. Because the shadow box will be large, it might not be the best decoration for your living room or another main room of your home. Instead, consider showcasing your wedding dress in your home office, on the wall of a large walk-in wardrobe, in a guest room or in your hobby room.

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