Step-by-Step How to Make a Dinosaur on the Keyboard

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ASCII art is a form of computer-generated art where pictures are created without any graphics editing program. Instead, the images are made entirely using characters represented on a standard computer keyboard, with nothing more than the keys pressing default and shift-altered positions.

For a creation in a word program, spaces create width on the images, however if using a image on a site which automatically collapses multiple spaces into one, replace the spaces with periods so that the body parts remain properly aligned.

Enter a space followed by two underscores, yielding: __

Press enter then make an open parenthesis, followed by an underscore, two spaces and a backslash, yielding a head on the new row: (_ \

Begin a new row and add a backslash, two spaces, another backslash, an underscore, a period, four hyphens, another period and a final underscore to make a neck and the top of the body: \ .----.

Add spaces before the body until the top of the first slash aligns with the end of the underscore in the prior step.

Enter two backslashes, then enter spaces before the first slash until it aligns with the first slash in the prior row, and further spaces between the two backslashes until the top of the second slash aligns with the right end of the prior row.

Hold shift and press the backslash key to make a vertical bar, then hit space two times and make a close parenthesis to make one leg. Press space three times then draw a second identical leg, followed by three spaces, a backslash and two underscores. Press space before the first vertical bar until it is aligned with the bottom of the first slash in the row above. The row will look as follows: | ) | ) __

Create one foot by entering a vertical bar, an underscore and another bar, then enter three hyphens and create another leg: ||---||

Enter an apostrophe, a hyphen, a period, three underscores and a backslash on the same line as the feet to complete the tail: '-.___\

Press space before the feet until they align under the legs to complete the dinosaur as follows:


(_ \

\ .----.

\ | ) | ) __