How to Make a Love Heart With Paper

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If you have a special person in your life that you want to give a love note to, you may think of writing a poem or sentimental message on a sheet of paper. One way to make your love note more whimsical and sweet is to write it on a piece of coloured paper shaped like a heart.

The paper heart can act as a greeting card on which you can write a message, while being its own symbol of love.

Fold a sheet of red or pink construction paper in half width wise. Press the fold flat with your hand.

Place the folded edge so that it is on the right, and draw out half of a heart along the fold. The middle of the heart should be the folded edge.

Draw out a second smaller heart inside of the first heart, allowing the middle of the heart to be the folded edge of the paper as before.

Cut out both of the hearts using scissors. This will leave you with a piece of paper with a heart cut-out in the middle, a large paper heart with a smaller heart cut-out in the centre and a small paper heart.

Write a personal message on the paper love hearts using coloured pencils.